Shady Side Media, LLC

Based in the shady side of the Sunshine State, Shady Side Media is your one-stop shop for podcasting and audio entertainment services.

Our Services

Branded Podcast Solutions

Branded podcasts are business’s newest tool in the growing social media landscape. A hybrid of entertainment and advertisement, branded podcasts are an excellent way for your brand to connect deeply with existing and potential customers. Contact Shady Side Media to discuss how a branded podcast can take your social media profile to the next level.

Podcast Launch Consulting

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Voice Acting and Announcing

Shady Side Media can record your audio content for broadcast or online. Our international network of professional voice actors and announcers ensures the perfect voice for your project. From comedy sketches to dramatic fiction to educational instruction to commercial advertisements, let Shady Side Media manage your voiceover recordings.

Our Podcasts

The Daily Dog Podcast

The Daily Dog is a family-friendly podcast about dogs, made for dog lovers. Every day we feature somebody’s furry friend and share news, tips, and products that will interest any animal lover, but especially those of the canine persuasion.

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Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man

Tales from the shady side of the Sunshine State. Every week we share stories about Florida Man (aka America’s most prolific criminal) and add our own NSFW take on the news. Part true crime, part comedy, all weird. This show is about the kind of stuff that only happens in the state where everybody is crazy from the heat.

Florida Men Podcast Hosts Joel and Phil
Florida Men Podcast Hosts Joel and Phil